The Data Analytics for Student Success (DASS) programme generates the "Know Your Course / Students" (KYCS) reports for course convenors at the University of Cape Town (UCT). 

The KYCS reports provide course convenors with comprehensive data on specific courses and enroled students, aiming to equip educators with the necessary information to address their students' needs effectively. This approach values each student as having equal potential to succeed and takes responsibility for creating an environment that enables them to thrive.

The KYCS reports provide detailed insights into

  • student profiles;
  • course achievements; and
  • relevant diagnostic data.

The reports include a dedicated section on the "achievement gap", highlighting equity and empowering course convenors to address discrepancies amongst course participants based on multiple factors.

Example of the Know Your Course Students (KYCS) reports
Example of the Know Your Course / Students (KYCS) report

Get your KYCS report

Reports are automatically sent via email before the start of each semester to the course convenors registered on UCT PeopleSoft.

To check if you are a registered course convenor, simply log on to PeopleSoft, locate the course you are responsible for convening and see if your name reflects OR enquire with the administrators in your faculty or department.

If you are a registered UCT course convener and have not received these reports or require clarification, please get in touch with us via email: We are here to assist you promptly.


To enhance the usefulness of the KYCS reports, DASS conducts webinars to provide further guidance on their effective utilisation. Recordings of these webinars can be found on our page Resources: Trainings and Webinars